Hey Buster!

Instead of dwelling on the post-Trump election fallout in the US, today's blog is going to focus on something more uplifting. It's November... so time for the Christmas ad campaigns to start!

The release of the John Lewis Christmas ad has become a festive ritual in the UK. They are best known for 3 things: a cover of a classic song, a very cute kid and a bit of sentimental Christmas pulling of the heartstrings to make us all feel a little weepy. But hold on! It seems like after 10 years of this winning formula, John Lewis has decided to change tactics this year.

Instead of making us want to cry, this year's campaign aims to make us laugh with joy instead! Check it out below:

As well as the main ad, there are Snapchat filters, Twitter stickers, a wide range of products (including toy animals and a new children’s book based on the ad), and even a VR event at the flagship Oxford Street store. The main charity tie-in this year is with The Wildlife Trust.

With everything that 2016 has thrown at us, we've enough to cry about. So this is a welcome change to the Christmas as format for John Lewis. Pity the trampolining badgers and foxes look so CGI!