Things get stranger

Have you seen ‘Stranger Things’ yet? If not, I would highly recommend it. As well as brilliant character development and a killer score, the opening titles by Imaginary Forces will satisfy every 1980s yearning in you. Check it out below:

A disjointed version of The Stranger Things title starts the sequence which typographically sets the tone for the show. It takes a lot of it’s inspiration from old 80s John Carpenter movies with a hint of Stephen King miniseries such as ‘IT’ along with an eerie synth soundtrack.

Although the show is only 8 episodes it more than makes up for this with a compelling storyline which hooks you in. Thankfully Netflix has just confirmed a second season so we’ll get to relive those 80’s vibes again very soon! But just in case you’re missing your fix, why not check out DJ Yoda’s Stranger Things mixtape on SoundCloud.