DixonBaxi on a roll(out)

DixonBaxi have created a new viewer experience for the Premier League that will be seen by over two billion football fans around the world. The London-based company has created show titles, in-match graphics, augmented reality, touch screen and studio graphics that are united by a “Field of Play” design language. The work debuted over the weekend as the new season kicked off. Check it out below:

Developed off the back of the work that DesignStudio did for the new identity, the “Field of Play” design concept is a graphic system providing consistency to the delivery of complex live data including league tables, charts, player profiles and in match information.

What I like about this is that the system is heavily influenced by the natural movement of the game from the short corner to the long throw in. The results are a beautiful, elegant and bold motion system that brings statistics to life and creates a broader visual language that adds depth to the brand.

DixonBaxi has captured the system in a detailed digital and printed guidelines. The hundreds of elements needed to bring the experience to life have been crafted and annotated as well as the motion theory and design approaches that rationalised. As the brand has now launched, the guidelines will evolve over time to add "depth, detail, insight and emotion".