British Fencing gets a new slice

To coincide with Rio, British Fencing introduced a new identity to “reinvent its public perception and broaden its appeal to a wide range of audiences” designed by London-based We Launch. Check it out below:

This new logo breaks away from any previous expectations we might have about what fencing logos should look like and introduces a bold, energetic, and dynamic logo that’s more Fast & Furious than Chariots of Fire. In case you're wondering, the slashes through the wordmark isn't random or has anything to do with Wolverine's claws! The three swashes represent the three types of swords - Foil, Épée and Sabre - which unless you know your fencing, you never would have guessed it.

Where the slashes go too far is in the headlines in the application. It looks like a really aggressive speech bubble and, sure, it helps drive the point home, but is it really necessary? It seems like they went through all that effort on the typography and the photography, but then they threw it together on the advertising and used the speech bubble as a 'quick fix'.

However, I must admit, the version of the logo with the Union Jack is pretty bad-ass!