Telling our brand story

At DWH, we talk about telling brand stories. For us a brand is more than just a name, logo and website; it’s a promise you make to customers. So, we thought we’d tell you ours.

The birth of DWH

At its heart, DWH is a rebellious creation with aspirational ideas, objectives and ideals. You might not think this if you met us. We’re down to earth, plain speaking and friendly.

We’re experienced, but in touch with the latest trends and innovation in design, digital and traditional marketing. We’ve worked for plenty of creative agencies and businesses both large and small. We’ve sat in board rooms and portakabins discussing marketing and design strategies. We’ve worked in two of the tallest buildings in the world and at our kitchen tables.

Our problem has always been that agencies are too expensive. When working client side, we got fed up with being ripped off for poor work. When working agency side, we got fed up having to compromise on quality or offer a sub-standard service to meet profitability objectives.

The idea

Our idea was simple: we want to tell stories. We want to tell the story of our client’s brand by delivering creative ideas, quality design and inspired marketing. And that’s exactly what we do. Our many years of experience let us deliver quality branding, marketing strategies and creative design for clients at reasonable prices. It’s no more complicated than that!

We know loads of people like us who are highly skilled but down to earth, friendly, accessible, practical and diligent.

The agency

We started small and little by little we started to grow. Then as we gained momentum, we grew some more—and we continue to grow today. We are flexible and agile and are capable of leveraging our resources through a large network of like-minded people. At its core, DWH has a team of six with a total of over 100 years’ experience, but we can call on a team of specialists tailor-made to suit your needs.

The work

At DWH, every day presents a fresh challenge. For some clients, we’ve created a new brand identity and built them a website. For others, we act as an outsourced marketing team and curate all of their social media. We handle CRM and manage leads re-solicitation. We can improve e-commerce functionality of existing websites. We manage PPC campaigns, design adverts, generate SEO content for blogs. We teach clients how to market their brand. Oh … and we design the odd brochure here and there, too. 

Whatever your brief, budget, idea or problem, we can sort it out. Get in touch today and see why our clients stay with us for years.

This is our brand story—tell us yours.



We help lots of clients achieve their marketing, design, product and branding goals. With years of experience we can offer a full range of creative design and marketing expertise. We've worked for a wide range of clients from start-ups and charities to public sector and FTSE 100 companies.

Drop us a line - we’re approachable, friendly, professional and are more than happy to meet for a chat to see if we can help you.



Jonathon Bright is the DWH marketing guru and handles all marketing, copywriting and social media duties. With over 25 years experience working with clients and agencies across the globe, his role is to provide all things marketing from lead generation strategies right through to writing blogs and press articles. Two Marketing degrees and a successful track record of working with sole traders, SME's & FTSE 100 companies mean his full mix experience can deliver results whatever the budget.