new branding for space frame exhibition system


A few years ago, our client identified the need for a strong and elegant space frame ceiling. However, they quickly realised that the system they invented could do so much more. They developed the system so it could be configured as a platform, podium, tower or wall. We were asked to create a brand for this new space frame product. The aim was to create a unique look that visualised the strength, design and versatility of the product.

We took inspiration for the design of the logo from the spheres that the poles for the system lock in to. The rationale for this is that it symbolises the very meaning of Nexus as the 'central or focal point'. The gradient on the symbol was added to give the sense of 3D without the need to use an actual 3D symbol. 

The resulting icon is flexible enough to be used in a variety of colours within multiple touch points and has since been trademarked. Today, the system is used predominantly in retail displays, exhibition stands and as an architectural feature in office spaces.